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Our Favorite Father's Day Gift Ideas

Good morning, ladies! Father's Day is just over a week away. If you're looking for a sweet gift for those special men in your life, look no further. We've got some fun and creative gift ideas that they are sure to love!

  • Classic Framed Keepsake: These gifts are especially great for a guy's first Father's Day as a dad or grandfather. Here's the link to the one we made at playgroup on Monday. Click on the gallery below for some great framed photo ideas, including the sweet photo trio that Natalie will be doing again this year!
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  • Not Your Average Photo Gifts: This year I'm getting my father-in-law these adorable photo socks below. These are great for the guys who aren't into goofy dad t-shirts, but still want to show off their kids.

Check out more great photo gift ideas below!


Recreate these adorable canvases with one simple photo, some sponge painting and colored paper.


Turn a treasured family photo into a hilarious gift for dad!


Make these awesomely easy tile photo coasters from Rowdy in Room 300.

  • Father's Day Memory Book: We started our book for my husband five years ago. I bought a large unlined journal from Michaels and every year I've added current favorite pictures of the kids, an outline of their handprints, etc. Now that my kids are older they also add their own drawings and writes notes to him.
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  • 4SoifmQpAbHrGFzRp3Bt8-12.jpeg
  • 4SoifmQpAbHrGFzRp3Bt8-13.jpeg
  • Guys' Day/Night Out: One of my husband's favorite gifts (and mine too) is kid-free time alone or with friends. In the past I've taken the kids away for the afternoon so he can sit on the couch and watch television in his underwear, just like the good old days. Another great idea is to arrange a golf outing, tickets to a baseball game or concert for him and his friends. It's a great way to show your husband that he matters to you and that you think of him as more than daddy.

Aint nobody got time for all of this, but you get the idea!

Good luck gift shopping, ladies!