Motivational Moms of the Month - Meg Tunstall & Lauren Palmaccio

Happy December Y’all! It’s the last month of the year AND the last month of THE DECADE! I’ll wait while you let that sink in for a second.

This month we wanted to spotlight TWO mamas who have shown up and shown out in our Body Back Transformation sessions! Working out with a friend helps keep you accountable and getting a little kid-free time with a fellow mom friend can do wonders for you.

Join me in getting to know our Body Back Transformation moms, Meg Tunstall and Lauren Palmaccio, below!

How did you find FIT4MOM Richmond and how long have you been a part of our village?

MT: I briefly participated in Stroller Strides while on maternity leave and saw the BB classes on instagram. I have been an active part of the village since September when I participated in BB Transformation.

LB: Meg and I were talking about the challenges of finding time to work out and sticking with a routine – and just getting healthy in general. The next day she mentioned there was a BBT in September. I never heard of it before then but based on the description it was exactly what I (we) needed. We are on our second BBT now, and already signed up for the session starting in January.

What do you love most about being part of this community?

MT: The common thread of motherhood among the women. This community is full of successful women who push to be their best every day. Surrounding myself with like minded individuals has been amazing!

LB: The connections, support and sense of belonging, which got me out of a rut that I didn’t even realize how deep I was in. The women are so open and supportive – it’s rare (for me) to connect and feel comfortable with a group so quickly. Many mornings I struggle to get out of bed for class, but I think of the other women and it helps me shake off the excuses and get out the door – I feel a sense of responsibility to make it…we are in this together.

Who are you a mom to?

MT: John Thomas (7) and Porter (4)

LB: Jude (4) and Cash (21 months)

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

MT: Watching my boys be successful in life

LB: These boys make life so much more fun – and their cuddles are the best remedy to stressful day.

What is one thing about your friendship that makes being a mom (or life) easier?

MT: Listening ear

LB: We moved to Richmond right before Jude was born, I didn’t know anyone here and I wasn’t adjusting to motherhood very gracefully. I felt very alone for a while…

Our friendship makes me happy – and being happy makes me a better person to be around and a better mom.

How do you stay fit when you're not working out with FIT4MOM?

MT: Walking and yoga

LB: Before BBT, not much. I was having a lot of back issues that would keep me from doing and enjoying most things. Now, I run around with the kids, do home videos, yoga class with Meg, and any different type of workout anyone wants to try. I never thought these BB workouts would be so life changing – I’m so much more active and in a lot less pain.

How did you two meet?

MT: Preschool - our kids (her oldest, my youngest) started in the infant class together. One day I asked for her number and we started texting. We were friends shortly there after. Our friendship grew when we were both searching for a workout and routine to fit our busy schedules. I mentioned the BB transformation at 530am (what?!?!). After we both pondered it for a while, we decided to commit to it for 8 weeks. Over those 8 weeks, our friendship developed as many do during the transformation class. We worked out together and our kids played soccer on the same team. We decided to beg for another early morning session and Natalie delivered! Here we are - BB Transformation take 2 at 530 am. Can you believe we going to do it again in January too? It is the accountability from the program that has kept me going and helped me grow my self and relationships with other moms.

LB: From the time Porter (Meg’s) and Jude (Mine) started “school” at just a few months old, they were friends. Meg and I exchanged numbers and connected shortly after. While we would text regularly about kid and teacher stuff, we became better friends once the kids started playing sports and going to parties. We always tried to hangout more, but are schedules were always too crazy and we’d let plans slip – all we needed was to make plans at 5:30 am . Now we hang out for an 1hr at least twice a week (and most of the time we carpool to BB on Saturday mornings too). We chat, gossip and vent (when not getting breathless) and learned we have a lot in common, similar sense of humor and both have each other’s back – and our husbands hit it off too.

Where did you grow up and how did you end up in Richmond?

MT: Richmond - born and raised! Returned to Richmond after graduating from William and Mary to work and met my husband

LB: Born and raised in Queens, NY. Went to Michigan State for undergrad and grad, and returned to NY for work, which is where I met my husband (Ben). Shortly, after we started dating we decided to move to Los Angeles, but we knew we would return to the east coast once our family started growing. Ben is originally from Richmond, and I fell in love with the city after years of visiting for the holidays. It took some convincing to get Ben to move back home to VA, but I knew it would be a great place for us to raise our family. NY will always be my favorite place, but we love our life here.

How did becoming a mother change you?

MT: Becoming a mother made me realize how much love I could give someone else and made me more appreciative of my own parents

LB: It made me softer but tougher, more empathetic and less selfish, more anxious and a hot mess, tired but more active, more thoughtful and considerate, out of shape but more motivated to get healthy, overly organized but somehow unorganized, more interesting but less cool – its all very confusing but I’m so truly grateful.

How did you meet your husband?

MT: At a Halloween party with his cousins who were my friends after college

LB: At work - we became friends and bonded over late nights, traveling and failing relationships. After years of friendship and finally being single at the same time, we decided to give us a shot.

How has it been doing Body Back Transformation together?

MT: Great! We push each other to show up, plank longer, burpee faster, and become better moms together.

LB: We both got so much out of the September BBT – physically and mentally – that we begged for another session, and then another. And on the non-BB days, we hold each other accountable to be active (well, we try to at least). Plus, we formed an amazing new friend group (which is always open to more women) and it brought us closer.

Did anyone else read “preschool” at instantly think they have known each other since THEY were in preschool!? It’s so awesome to see your friendship grow stronger through FIT4MOM! Thank you both for sharing a little piece of your lives with us.

Now, grab a friend and join today!