Motivational Mom of the Month - Althea Mease

Happy May Mamas! Some things change: like spending Mother's Day in social distancing. Some things remain the same: we've got some amazing Mamas in Our Village. This month's amazing mom is Althea! Peep the pictures at the end of the interview to see Althea reaching major goals of getting back to pre-baby weight with the help of our virtual village!

How did you find FIT4MOM Richmond and how long have you been a part of our village?

I started seeing you all working out at Maymont and I was like "that looks fun and like a challenge!" The sprint up the big hill is so much fun! I joined about a year ago I think... best decision ever.

What do you love most about being part of this community?

I love that it is a place where women can come together and be real/have fun and focus on doing something positive for themselves. It helped me so much to get out and feel connected again... I had postpartum depression/anxiety with both of my kiddos and honestly... reconnecting with challenging my body and being with other awesome ladies is better than talk therapy for me!

Who are you a mom to?

Two silly and intense little gremlins... Sonja who is 6 and Henrik who is 3.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

I love the chaos... makes the calm moments that much sweeter! My kids have shown me so much... expanded my view of myself and the world around me. Talk about gaining mental toughness too! Anyone who can successfully sink 1-2 min of burpees while feeding snacks to screaming kiddo while mentally planning the next week... moms really can do anything. Booyah!

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or one hundred duck-sized horses?

Whoa, this is a tough one... I am gonna say - as terrifying as it sounds - one horse sized duck... so I can at least have a shot at tossing a few loaves of bread at it and running away! Ahhh! Also, I feel like 100 duck sized horses would win... they'd chomp my knees to stumps while I tried to unsuccessfully tame one for a pet of my own.... because tiny horses omfg! LOL!

How do you stay fit when you're not working out with FIT4MOM?

Ahh. I would turn back in to a pile of mush. For real. Hah! Before I had kids I ran, biked, swam, loved me some yoga, lifted... and was on a lot of teams. After kids it has been mostly a boring elliptical machine in my rec room and some sporadic lifting. I do better with a coach/team environment... So fit4Mom fits the bill in so many ways! I love the accountability and being cheered on!

How do you practice self-care?

I need to sleep. If I don't sleep well-ish for a few days things start going downhill... Meaning, mommy needs more wine and less whine (and I hide in the bathroom from my kids)!

Where did you grow up and how did you end up in Richmond?

I grew up in Loudoun County, Va on a farm when it was still very rural... seriously my town had one flashing light on the center road and 80 people in my high school graduating class! Tiny! Now it is totally unrecognizable! I came to Richmond in 1999 to go to VCU. I ended up with a BFA and MFA from VCU... in video/sound/animation/illustration. Nerd. Love RVA!

How did becoming a mother change you?

I can barely remember myself before being a mom... except I had so much time to think about stuff and I took a lot more risks. But I am much more decisive now because time is so fleeting with the kid chaos!

What is the last great book or television series you've read/watched?

I am reading The Storyteller's Secret and just finished first season of the Mandalorian series... Both great!

How did you meet your husband?

We met at the Carillon Tower/Richmond fireworks display on the 4th of July in 2007... His group met up with my group of friends as we walked to the park. I never believed in love at first sight (and let me tell you - we have had our challenges since!) but when I saw him this voice said, "That's the guy!" And I spent the next two years disagreeing with this voice until I relented and was like yea, he is my dude! We finally got married in 2012... !

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was little I always said I just want to be happy... but also, an astronaut with horses. LOL.

If your five-year-old self suddenly found themselves inhabiting your current body, what would she do first?

Go buy ALL the Breyer horses and paint brushes... and probably go to Chuck E Cheese. :)

Althea, I laughed out loud thinking about you trying to wrangle 100 horses to be your pets! I also agree that moms can really do anything - booyah! Especially with the right support group - and I'm glad FIT4MOM is that for you! Congratulations on your big weight loss accomplisment and I hope you get all the sleep you need for Mother's Day!