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Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

I'm guessing by now you can all tell that Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. Between the creative costume ideas, the scary movies, the fall weather and the pumpkin-flavored everything, what's not to love?? Even if Halloween isn't your favorite, you won't be able to deny the cuteness and fun of the activities, recipes and crafts below.

15 Halloween Crafts, Recipes and Activities To Try Today



Photo credit: I Hearts Arts n Crafts'

Fluffy Pumpkin Slime- This would be such a cute activity to try at a playdate or to give away as favors at a preschool class party. I love the idea of putting the slime in glass jars and then decorating them to look like jack-o-lanterns. I'd suggest sprinkling in some pumpkin pie spice which is a lot easier to find than the pumpkin scented oil the author suggests using.


Photo credit: Mom Dot

Spider Web Mason Jars- I love how simple these jars are, and how cheap they'd be to make. I'd recommend getting some glow-in-the-dark glue sticks to make these decorations even cooler.


Photo credit: The Inspiration Edit

Halloween Monster Rocks- This is a great craft for toddlers, and all you need are rocks, paint, glue and google eyes.


Photo Credit: Clare's Little Tots

Witch's Potion Sensory Bin- How cute is this? Toddlers and big kids alike will love playing with this cool witch's brew! Find the water beads here. You can turn the clear water beads into different colors with food coloring. Clare from the blog Clare's Little Tots also turns this into a fine motor activity by having the children use large tweezers to transfer the plastic insects and googly eyes into smaller pumpkin containers.


Photo credit: Million Ideas Club

Halloween Hand and Footprint Canvas Art- How flipping' cute are these. I love all of these different options so you can choose the one you like the best, or you can make them all! All you need is paint, glitter, sticker letters, and googly eyes.



Photo credit: The Seasoned Mom

Jack-O-Lantern Mac and Cheese Cups- So cute and so simple! Plastic cups, a sharpie, blue box M&C and a cucumber stick stem make this fun Halloween lunch complete!


Photo credit: Delish

Ghost Pizza Bagels- 4 ingredients make this recipe another super simple, but adorable appetizer for everyone in your family! Seriously, who can resist a pizza bagel?


Photo Credit: I Knead To Eat

6 Ingredient Monster Cookies- Kids will have a great time mixing in the food coloring and choosing which eyeballs go on each cookie. Using white cake mix as a shortcut makes this recipe quick and easy.


Photo credit: Spaceships and Laser Beams

Crescent Roll Witch Hats- Anyone else find crescent rolls seriously addicting? Well, this recipe adds two kind of cheeses and salami to them! Yum!


Photo credit: Two Sisters Crafting

Candy Corn Popcorn- I feel like candy corn is one of those love it or hate it foods. Everyone has that one friend who ate too much of it as a child, and can't even look at it to this day. I had the same experience with those gummy peach rings, but that's a story for another time. Anyway, this recipe would work even for those who don't usually do candy corn because here it's mixed with buttery, salty popcorn. I personally can't resist a salty/sweet combo like this one.



Photo credit: Spirited Puddle Jumper

Halloween Ghost Bowling- White paper cups, a sharpie, an orange and the patience it takes to continually restack the cups, are all you need for this game that will keep toddlers busy for at least thirty minutes.


Photo credit: Anything for an M&M

Refrigerator Jack-O-Lantern- Create a pumpkin out of orange paper and cut out shapes for the eyes and mouth out of a sheet of black foam. Tape the pumpkin to your fridge and then stick the foam face shapes onto the pumpkin with magnetic tape or masking tape. Ask your child to make a happy pumpkin, a sad pumpkin or a surprised pumpkin. This is a great social emotional activity that teaches kids how our faces can convey what we're feeling.


Photo credit: Teachers Pay Teachers

Monster Freeze Dance- Kids LOVE a freeze dance. All you need is some fun Halloween music. I love this playlist!


Photo credit: Celebrations.com

DIY Photo Booth- Hang up a plastic black or Halloween tablecloth and orange crepe paper to create a fun backdrop. Make your own photo props with wooden dowels and construction paper or purchase cheap props at The Dollar Tree. Funny glasses, headbands, necklaces and hats all make great props! Have a blast taking pictures of your cuties!


Photo credit: Teachers pay teachers

Halloween Party Scoot Game- Get kids moving with this fun party game. Game cards tell kids what to do from showing off their best scared face to walking like a zombie. The game template can be purchased for only $3.25 at teacherspayteachers.com, but you could also use the idea to make your own. All you need is some notecards and markers.


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Wishing you all a safe, fun-filled and festive Halloween!