Body Back Transformation

Body Back Transformation® is an 8 week program with 2 weekly 60-minute, results-based workouts designed to help you reach your full physical potential and reconnect to your inner strength. Our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cycles through cardio, strength, and core work and concludes with a relaxing meditation to help you recharge and head back to your family. Improve your health, fitness, and physical strength while experiencing a personal transformation.What Does Body Back Transformation® Include?

* 2 HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts per week

* Supported food logging

* Before and after fitness assessments, photos and measurements

* Setting and achieving personal goals

* Private Facebook group

* Recipe Book and Nutrition Guide

* Personal one on one coaching

* Online support from our Resident Nutrition Specialist and educational videos

* Home workouts

* Small group format

* Clients must be at least 4 months postpartum to participate in Body Back Transformation.

Our 8 week sessions run at various times throughout the year. Email for enquiries.

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