A Week's Worth of Halloween Joy and Family Fun-Crafts and Games and Treats: Oh My!

Good Morning Ladies,

I already told you how much I love Halloween, so of course I had to share the Halloween love with all of you. Check out all of the ways to have fun and make memories this week:



All of these crafts require no more than five items!

Pumpkin patch photo suncatcher- This is an adorable keepsake that you could even recreate every year.

Potato stamp pumpkins- This is a great craft to try with toddlers!

Ghostly footprints- Though messy, you only need white paint and construction paper to make this adorable sign.

Halloween scene jars- These purple and black scenes look beautiful, but easy enough for my kids to make with me.

Balloon Spider Webs- These look really cool and you only need three things to make them. I can't wait to try them with my big kids this year.



All supplies can be purchases at the Dollar Tree.

Spider Races- Grab some large straws and plastic spiders and you're ready to play.

Dollar Store Witch Pitch- If you have a glue gun at home, you can make this fun game with only a foam board, small cauldrons and eyeball ping pong balls, all available at the Dollar Tree.

Glow in the Dark Bowling- My big kids are psyched to try this one out next week.


Early Literacy, Sensory and Motor Activities- Learning is Fun!

Pumpkin seed counting- Grab some of these plastic ice cube trays from the Dollar Tree and use a sharpie or masking tape to put numbers on the inside. This activity has double the learning as kids can practice their counting and also their fine motor skills as they grab the pumpkin seeds with the tweezers.

Spider name tracing- If you have a child who is resistant to sitting and working on learning their name, like my five year old was, this is a great way to make it fun.

Spider Grab- This provides fun, sensory play that keeps kids busy so you can sit and have a cup of coffee.

Googly eyes sensory bag- This is safe and fun for the youngest of learners and everything is contained in the bag so there is no mess or clean-up.



Check out these fun themed snacks. Most of them are good healthy alternatives to cookies and cupcakes.

PB & J spiders

Frozen Boo-nana Pops

Clementine Jack O' Lanterns

Halloween candy bark

Lolly pop spiders

Halloween fruit kabobs

My Pinterest Fails

When planning this post, I tried to choose activities and treats that seemed easy and straight forward. In the past, I've had many Pinterest fails trying things that were too complicated. These were my two biggest Halloween fails. You've been warned!

Gummy Worms

Frozen Hand in the punch bowl

Wishing you and your families a safe and happy Halloween!


♥ Erin

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