5 Total Body, Equipment-Free, Home Workouts to Try Over Spring Break

Happy Wednesday! Stroller Strides classes are still in session this week, but we Body Back ladies have the week off for spring break. SPRING BREAK!! Not what it used to be, am I right, ladies?? Yesterday I packed up a car filled with pull-ups, Goldfish, lots of extra clothes and plastic bags (though, now that I think about it, all of those things could've proved useful back in college.) and drove up to New Jersey with my husband and three children. So far it's been straight up rainy and very cold, but all my kids care about is the indoor pool so we're doing ok.

I'm determined to carve out some time for myself to workout while we're gone. I'm hoping it will be the stress reliever I need to live in this small space with my family for five days. I packed my tennis shoes and my sports bras. It's happening! This is something I say to myself at the beginning of every track record has been spotty at best. Not this time though. This time I have a secret weapon: the short, equipment-free workout. I can get it done while waiting for my kids to finish their always leisurely breakfasts or their thirty minute bubble baths. (Geez, kids have it rough!) I searched to find five simple, but effective, equipment-free workouts. Check them out below, and, even if I fail to lace up my tennis shoes even one time, hopefully I will have inspired some of you to achieve fitness greatness!

Five Simple, Short and Effective, Equipment-Free Workouts

  1. The 5-10-15 Workout

All of these workouts include cardio, but also work your core, arms and legs for a total body workout that can be completed in as little as 7 minutes. Damn, I think I'm finding all of my excuses melting away! Happy Workout Wednesday, Mamas!

♥ Erin

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