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15 Adorably Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Happy October! Can I just tell you how much I love Halloween?! Growing up it was one of the only holidays without family drama, and you could slip on a costume and pretend to be someone else for the day. What's not to love? As an adult, I still love everything that Halloween entails, and now I get to pass on the love to my kids.

When my older two were younger, and they still let me pick out their costumes, nothing was more fun than planning and crafting something for them to wear. I'm not one of those crafty, Pinterest moms, so all of the costumes I made for my kids below can easily be thrown together with a trip to Dollar Tree, a hot glue gun, duct tape and maybe a prayer or two. I also included lots of costumes I found that I thought were funny/adorable, and easy enough that even I could make them.

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Here is my sweet boy on his first Halloween back in 2010 where he went as World Peas, (See what I did there?) and then click the arrow to see last year, not quite so sweet, as a zombie astronaut. The best thing about this age is that I can take any costume I have laying around the house, grab some black, white and red face paint from the Dollar Tree and turn it into a zombie clown, firefighter, princess, etc. and my kids will be pretty damn delighted.


1. Babe Magnet- I'm a sucker for a funny costume and this one made me happy. I found the plastic babies in the baby shower aisle of Michaels. I loved that he could stay so comfortable in it while trick or treating.

Supplies: Grey sweat suit, grey baby hat, plastic babies, red and grey felt for magnets, glue gun


2. Cave Boy and Dino Baby- This was the year my husband and I also went as cave people and then went against all scientific evidence to the contrary and added a dinosaur to our family costume. This was super easy as I had most of the things I needed already. I just had to go to Goodwill and load up on animal print.

Supplies for Cave Boy: Animal print pants, Black shirt, animal print fabric to make headband and toga,thick white felt and pins to make bones

Supplies for Dino Baby: Pink sweat suit, thick white felt for teeth, googly eyes, glue gun


3. Rock Toddler-Before he discovered JT and The Black Eyed Peas, my son had a period of time when he was obsessed with the Black Keys and their song, "Howlin' For You", or as he called it, "The Duh-Duh-Duh-Duh-Song." At three, he wanted to go as the drummer for Halloween. This is an easy hipster rocker costume for the favorite little rocker in your life.

Supplies: army green hat, favorite band t-shirt, drum sticks or guitar, eyeliner or face paint for beard.

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4. Girls Gone Star Wars- My son was Darth Vader two years ago so we got the girls, then 3 and 6 months, in on that too. I bought their adorable hats on Etsy and then made them each the hooded capes with cheap fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby. They got to wear their own clothes underneath so they were nice and comfortable.

Leia- Etsy fleece hat, white shirt, pants and tutu, hooded cape made of white fleece, glue gun

Yoda- knitted Etsy hat, The Force Is Strong With This One onesie, green pants, beige flannel hooded cape, glue gun


5. Littlest Lumberjack- I love this costume idea from Costume Works. It just doesn't get any cuter than this.

Supplies-flannel, jeans, winter hat, eyeliner or face paint for the beard,vacuum hose extension, cardboard and duct tape for axe


6. Flower Pot Princess-How creative is this costume from Dukes & Duchesses? It's also super cheap and easy. Everything you need to make this costume you either already have or you can purchase at the Dollar Tree.

Supplies-From home; shirt and leggings, headband, duct tape. From Dollar Tree; large plastic tub, fake flowers


7. Scuba Steve- Check out this costume from Design Dazzle! I love the soda bottle oxygen tank! If you visit the site you can get instructions to make the flippers out of styrofoam, but I'd personally plan on finding someone who owns some. #lazymom

Supplies-black outfit, flippers, 2 soda bottles, goggles, foam sheet, glue gun, elastic string, duct tape

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8. From Kindergarten to Criminal Mastermind-

This costume from Make It-Love It could not be more simple or comfortable for little ones.

Supplies-Black and white striped shirt, black hat, shoes and pants, black mask, bag with money symbol


9. The "Little" Dude- This costume from Coolest-homemade-costumes.com made the Big Lebowski fan in me super happy! So hilarious and so comfy!

Supplies-tan bathrobe, sunglasses, flip flops, white t-shirt and fake goatee


10. Ice Cream Sundae, Baby!- I could just eat this baby up! This costume from Primary.com is simply adorable and it's all done with a hot glue gun. That's my kind of crafting!

Supplies: White onesie, white hat, blue pants, red and green felt for cherry, multi-colored felt for sprinkles, glue gun


11. Adorable Audrey- Who doesn't love the simple elegance of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's? This costume from Primary.com is so sweet!

Supplies: Black dress, black gloves, tiara, pearls


12. Let's Get Physical, Baby!- OMG with this costume and tiny boom box! Check out the tutorial here. Again this is a no-sew costume.

Supplies- purple onesie, blue pants, baby headband, leg warmers (or you can cut the feet off of socks for instant leg warmers) grey, black and white felt for the boom box, glue gun


13. Emoji Cuties-This cute costume from Hello, Wonderful is so easy! I love that the kids can choose which emoji they want to be, and they can wear comfy clothes underneath.

Supplies: Cardboard, yellow spray paint, red, black and white paint pens, permanent markers or paint, hole punch, string


14. Charlie "Baby" Brown- I love this simple costume from Primary.com. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is still my favorite Halloween movie after all these years, so I find this costume awesome!

Supplies: Black shorts and shoes, yellow onesie and socks, black electrical tape


15. Really Little Old Ladies- I can't even with this costume idea! I'm pretty sure I'd go crazy gluing all of those cotton balls or pompoms onto a baby hat, but I think the end result would be worth it!

Supplies: flowered dress, cardigan, glasses, baby hat, cotton balls or pompoms, glue gun

Check out some of these great sites below for even more creative costume ideas:





Hope these costumes have put you in the Halloween spirit! Don't be afraid to get creative and have fun with your kids' costumes this year. If they turn out horribly wrong, you can use them as blackmail during their teen years! Happy Halloween!

♥ Erin

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