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We all love taking pictures of our kids, and with smart phone cameras it's easier than ever, but how do we capture those elusive beautiful photos of our wiggly babies and mischievous toddlers? This week I asked the experts for their tips on taking the best infant and child photos.

Emily Hoffman of Emily Hoffman Photography right here in RVA, shares her tips below for creating memorable newborn photos. She also shared some of her gorgeous shots with us.


Good Morning, Mamas! I'm starting a new "Ask the Expert" post series where I interview local experts on all kinds of useful topics. Rachel Lynch, press and media coordinator for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, is an expert on the dangers that certain chemicals and poor air quality have on our health. She sat down to talk with me about how we can make sure our homes are safe and healthy places for our children.

What are the most important elements of keeping a healthy home?

Being diligent and staying on top of daily chores prevents things from getting out of hand. Daily upkeep also enables you to notice when things are off, so you can get professionals involved and avoid any potential health ramifications.

Why is air quality so important?

Breathing is something everyone does without even thinking, and the air we breathe literally gives us the ability to live and keep our bodies functioning at peak performance. EPA studies have shown that...


It's almost Mother's Day. Yes, that one day to celebrate all of the millions of tiny, unnoticed things you do 365 days a year. I became a mom for the first time in early 2010. Eight years and three kids later, I've definitely had my share of parenting ups and downs. Every time I feel like I've mastered a stage that my kids are going through, another one comes up. Good nights of sleep are few and far between because someone is either waking up, sleeping in our bed, or I'm up worrying about them. Some days it feels like someone has been screaming, crying or whining at me every minute of the past twenty-four hours. It's true what they say: Motherhood is not for the faint of heart.


It's Mother's Day week! It's a great time to remind yourselves of what awesome moms you all are, and to pat yourselves on the back for all you've learned and accomplished since giving birth. It's also a time many of us look back and remember those amazing ladies in our lives: mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and show them gratitude for the positive effect they've had.

I've been lucky to have both an amazing mother and a wonderful mother-in-law who's been in my life for the past 15 years. Though their personalities are different, they both have a kindness, generosity and fun-loving spirit that I love seeing them share with my kids!


It's getting hot out there, ladies! Richmond summers are no joke, but that doesn't mean you have to skip your outdoor workouts. There are lots of ways to keep your kids cool during the hot and humid months ahead. Stay cool, ladies! We've got you covered!

1. No Need to Dress Up- Do not try to over protect your baby or toddler with multiple layers and caps during the summer.A thin, loose cotton dress, or t-shirt and shorts, can work wonders. Pure cotton or muslin cloth has the property to absorb the sweat our body produces and ushers a cooling effect.

This article has some great tips on how to dress your baby and how to know when baby is too hot.

2. Hydration, Baby!- Make sure both you and baby are staying hydrated, especially if you are still nursing. Insulated sippy cups like these or...


Despite yesterday's weather, summer really is quickly approaching! RVA is a great town for summer famtastic (i.e. fantastic family, not me misspelling the word fantastic) fun! Compiling this list was a bit of an overwhelming task, honestly. There is just so much to do in our small city!! Check out all of the fun events coming up in the next few months, and be sure to bookmark this post for future reference!


It's finally starting to feel like spring around here! What better way to celebrate this warmer weather than visiting one of our many local parks and playground. Check out our guide below:

The Best Local RVA Parks and Playgrounds:

*Click on each park link for address, hours and more information.


Earth Day is next Sunday, April 22nd. What are you doing to celebrate our planet this month? If you need ideas, you've come to the right place! I've collected ten simple and fun ideas to help your kids celebrate the Earth, while also learning to care for and appreciate her.


Happy Wednesday! Stroller Strides classes are still in session this week, but we Body Back ladies have the week off for spring break. SPRING BREAK!! Not what it used to be, am I right, ladies?? Yesterday I packed up a car filled with pull-ups, Goldfish, lots of extra clothes and plastic bags (though, now that I think about it, all of those things could've proved useful back in college.) and drove up to New Jersey with my husband and three children. So far it's been straight up rainy and very cold, but all my kids care about is the indoor pool so we're doing ok.

I'm determined to carve out some time for myself to workout while we're gone. I'm hoping it will be the stress reliever I need to live in this small space with my family for five days. I packed my tennis shoes and my sports bras. It's happening! This is something I say to myself at the beginning of every track record has been spotty at best. Not this time though. This time I have a secret weapon: the short, equipment-free workout. I can get it done while waiting for my kids to finish their always...


Good Morning Ladies,

If you've been to Stroller Strides in the past year, chances are you've seen Christa's beautiful, smiling face. I first met Christa at a TRX class that Natalie had organized at Victory Lady Fitness. That class completely kicked my butt. However, Christa stayed positive throughout, and barely broke a sweat! Read on to learn more about this inspiring lady!

How did you find FIT4MOM Richmond and how long have you been a part of our village?

I have been a part of the FIT4MOM village for just over a year. I attended the free week of stroller strides for Valentines day in 2017 and have been hooked ever since!

What do you love most about FIT4MOM?

What I love is the sense of community. If you are having a bad morning, or even a bad week, you know that when you show up to stroller strides you have a whole class full of moms there for you. I love the friendships my daughter and I have made through FIT4MOM. The workouts are awesome too!

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