Brianna's testimonial »

Brianna P

Fit4Mom is awesome. My first class was Stroller Strides with Natalie and it was great. We ran, did drills, laughed, interacted with the kids, and sweat a bunch! I was nervous at first because I wasn't sure how my son would be during class but he loves it! And even if your baby does get a little fussy there's so much going on, and you're around people who understand how it is, so you just give your baby a little love and continue your workout!


Erin's testimonial »

Erin K.

Love Fit4Mom for so many reasons! I felt immediately welcomed and supported by this community of moms! I've been going regularly for 6 months, and the workouts still kick my butt (in a good way)! Such a fun and encouraging way to work out with our kiddos!


Stacy's testimonial »

Stacy P.

As a new mom I craved some mom interaction and knew I needed to get back into shape after baby- this offered both perfectly! It's a tribe mentality- a non-judging, fun, all loving tribe! You'll feel welcome from day one by everyone but especially the owner Natalie, she's THE sweetest! She called me personally to answer a question I had...that's how great she is!! No matter your fitness level there is something for everyone. I'm so glad I tried Stroller Strides and would highly recommend it to everyone!!


Client Testimonial »

Amanda S.

I am so thankful for FIT4MOM! I feel so much more fit than I have in a long time, not to mention the boost of energy I have! My daughter is 11 months old and she's loved going to class with me and she's even shown me some of her own moves (bear crawls are her favorite!). I loved being able to workout with my daughter right there with me to show her the happier/healthier lifestyle I want her to have! I appreciate the workouts I've had with FIT4MOM!


Client Testimonial: »

Ariane E.

After having my children, I really wanted to get back into shape, but just wasn't sure where to start. It's so hard to find the motivation to get moving again, plus find the time to get in a workout & still take care of the kids. Stroller Strides was the perfect solution for me. I am able to have my son with me while working through exercises that keep my body challenged and yield results! Plus, we've met some pretty awesome ladies & their children, which offers support for me and an opportunity for my son to interact and play with other kids his age. I stick with this program like I never have with previous gym memberships & workouts I did on my own. I highly recommend you give Stroller Strides a try!


Client Testimonial: »

Amy W.

I have done Stroller Strides for the past five years and have loved every minute of it. I feel like I'm in the best shape I've ever been in, thanks to the awesome instructors - the workouts are incredible! And I love that I get to keep my girls with me while working out, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on time with them while I do something that's important for me. Plus, it sets a great example for my girls, as they see the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle... It's really cute to see them attempting push-ups and squat-hops after class! Stroller Strides also offers a wonderful support system for moms. I have made great friends along the way, and my girls love being able to play with the other children after class. It's the perfect way to start our day!


Client Testimonial: »

Kim G.

Why Stroller Strides?

The workout is a great mixture of strength and cardio and can be challenging for all fitness levels. I have been doing this type of workout for 6 years and still breathe hard during class.

Stroller Strides is also a great place to meet other moms who are in the same general phase of parenting. Between getting your stroller ready and traveling to the different stations, there is opportunity to get to know the other women during class. After class, moms typically stick around to socialize and let the children interact.

What distinguishes Stroller Strides from a gym?

You get to work out outside with your child(ren)!!!

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